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astro Briot Patternless edger

Supplier of new, used and refurbished optical lab machinery and equipment for more than 20 years!. We offer quality used refurbished equipment at very affordable prices conpared to new. We may have it... try us! Call or WhatsApp: 1 (954) 662-2839


Patternless lens edgers

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Optronics 7E Briot Patternless edger
Optronics 7E with 4T tracer and 3B blocker Briot Patternless edger
Briot Evolution Horizon II Pattern edger
Briot Evolution with less than 3k cuts!  Low budget high efficiency pattern edger like new condition! 
SGXPlus lens generator

Ultra Optics RX

Gallery on photo

Refurbished SGX Plus with table and Vac. See it on Youtube! Used lap set molds

Used ultra optics lens coating machines. See it on Youtube !

Ultra Optics RX
Lens wax and alloy blockers N
Backup alloy and Wax blockers and tanks Low use Optotech CNC freeform Lathe
Used Nidek Le-1000 Aluminum tools
Nidek 1000 patternless edger Used in good condition lap tool sets all sizes
Toro lens polisher Eclipse lens blocker
Lens Polishers X2SL Lens wax Blocker Eclipse complete. See it on Ultra Optics RX
Toric generator Lens polisher
Coburn SL2 lens generator Gerber Acuity Polisher